Lets Go Speed Dating

Speed Dating Nottingham

For many, dating can be a scary thing; wondering what to say during a 3 course meal or waiting for a call that may never come. Speed dating in Nottingham immediately eliminates these problems by sitting up to 20 couples in a room and having them talk to each other for a few minutes at a time. People act on impulse and ask direct questions about the matters most important to them. Often, individuals gain more information in the few minutes of speed dating than they would normally on a 2 hour date.

Dating Nottingham

Nottingham is set in the heart of a county which is steeped in history with the adventurous tales of Robin Hood. The City is compact but offers up an amazing array of sights, sounds and activities. Speed dating events in Nottingham enable its people to enjoy their beautiful City with fresh eyes, re-kindling the magic.

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